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The Society’s Structure

The Society is governed by ten elected officers and a policy council. If you or a colleague are interested in serving as an officer or a member of the Policy Council, or just a volunteer, please fill out and submit this form and or nominate yourself or others.

The Society’s Articles, Bylaws, and Policies

Below are links to our Articles of Organization (which are very hard to change), Bylaws (which can be changed by the members), and Policies (which can be changed by the Policy Council)

The Society’s Reports

Minutes of the Society Business Meetings and the Policy Council

Other reports are available through minutes of policy council meetings
Link to report archives.

    The Strategy Report

    This Report summarizes recommendations for means by which the Society might increase progress in development of the field. The report therefore considers the field as a whole, not solely the Society itself. The report’s scope is incomplete on some issues, but particularly so in regard to the consulting firms in the field and the providers of software and training services to the field. The actions required to implement the strategy are also incomplete, since they require input and support from those who might do so. The Policy Council is asked to accept the Report’s conclusions, recognizing that most of the recommendations imply initiatives and efforts to be taken by certain officers and groups in the Society. Acceptance of the Report does not imply acceptance of decisions that would normally need to be submitted for PC approval Policy Council (PC) – notably new expenditures, the appointment of new Vice Presidents and changes to the role of SIGs.

      Conflict of Interest Report

      The purpose of this Conflict of Interest Report and the Guideline is to protect the System Dynamics Society, Inc. interest’s when contemplating entering into a transaction or arrangement that might benefit the private interest of a Policy Council Officer, Policy Council Member, committee member, or key employee. This Guideline is to set forth procedures for the monitoring, reporting, review, and oversight, and approval or ratification of any action taken in connection with conflicts of interest and related party transactions. This Guideline, as a part of the Society’s Policies, is intended to supplement but not replace any applicable state and federal laws governing a conflict of interest applicable to nonprofit organizations.

        Retention of Records

            Board Performance Self Assessments