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Pre-College Education


The Pre-College Education Special Interest Group has as a vision the infusion of systems thinking and System Dynamics modeling experiences for students ages 4 to 18 in all countries and in multiple disciplines (including science, mathematics, health, geography, economics, literature, political science, psychology, sociology, etc.).  Our aim is to spread the use of systems thinking and System Dynamics lessons to enhance student understanding of systems around them and help them become better decision makers.

Current Initiatives

  • Creating SplashExchange The second generation of Splash! that will allow models to demonstrate oscillating behavior. We should have a beta version available for testing in December 2021.

  • Compiling a set of questions to assess systems thinking skills for students ages 5 to 22.

  • Identifying researchers and research articles >in the area of ST/SD in precollege education

    • Bibliography List for researchers in the area of ST/SD in precollege education

    • Please fill this form if you can not find your article, monograph, report, chapter or dissertation in the list above


Thursday , December 16, 2021

Thursday , October 28, 2021 2.00-3.00 pm (Eastern Time US) - Click here to watch the meeting recording!


  1. Identifying potential dates (and times) for Precollege SIG meetings this academic year: (December 16, 2021, February 24, 2022, April 2-3, 2022, May 26, 2022, July-ISDC?)
  2. Presentation (15 minutes): ST/SD lesson in science for students ages 12-14 from a teacher in Meltem’s school in Turkey.
    Please let us know if you would like to make a precollege ST/SD lesson presentation at a future meeting.
  3. Identifying researchers and research articles in the area of ST/SD in precollege education (Emre Göktepe – Özgün Kurt Çetinkaya)
    A link to hundreds of relevant articles in ST/SD and education, along with another link of authors of those articles and either their website or email contact information will be provided during the Precollege SIG meeting
    1.  Bibliography List for researchers in the area of ST/SD in precollege education 
    2. Please fill this form if you can not find your article, monograph, report, chapter or dissertation in the list above
  4. The SDS Precollege SIG webpage will be under construction for the next few months. Many exciting changes will be made, with resources and important links. The work is being done by Özgün and we are very lucky to have her innovative ideas for the webpage.
  5. Discussion on other relevant topics related to the use of ST/SD in Precollege education.
Thursday , August 19 2021 1.00-2.00 pm EDT - Click here to watch the meeting recording!

Title: System Dynamics Society Precollege Special Interest Group Meeting Agenda

Date: August 19, 2020

Time: noon Chicago time

Presiders: Diana M. Fisher ( and Lees Stuntz (


1. Introduction of new associates who will help lead the planning and discussion of the SDS Precollege SIG. All of our new associates are from Turkey. We are so lucky to have their experience and help.

a. Meltem C. Alibeyoglu –after working 5 years as an academic coordinator, now working in the same school as R&D Coordinator in middle & secondary school and Nilay Yilmaz storybook author, holding PhD on Turkish and children’s literature. She will collaborate on determining the SIG agenda and planning for future meetings and setting up an SDS Precollege SIG Forum to promote online discussion.

b. Sebnem F.Gezer – researcher, holding PhD in early childhood education (Title of her thesis: Systems Thinking Skills of Preschool Children in Early Childhood Education Contexts of Turkey and Germany) and Özgün Cetinkaya Kurt – classroom teacher, hoping to pursue a PhD in systems thinking in elementary education. She will be maintaining the ST/SD in Precollege Education practitioners database; maintaining the SDS Precollege SIG webpage.

c. Göksen Kizilkaya – English language teacher in Turkey.

She is translating 100 systems thinking assessment questions the Turkish ST/SD educators have created over the past 5 years to English and submitting them to the ST/SD Assessment Database.

2. Current and planned activities for the SDS Precollege SIG for 2021

a. Meetings – every other month, starting in August

b. Continue to collect ST/SD assessment questions to add to the database

i. Submit questions at:

c. Update the SDS Precollege SIG webpage and forum – (Şebnem and Özgün)

d. Set up a convenient forum for precollege ST/SD discussions – (Özgün)

i. maybe use the CLE listserv? Or do we want to use Slack?

e. At least one 15 minute video presentation every SIG meeting by educators who use ST/SD in their precollege classes – different levels (early childhood, primary, middle school, secondary school). Please let us know if you want to present at one of the SIG meetings.

Note: Özgün is preparing a presentation and handout in English for August meeting

f. Identifying academicians working in ST/SD precollege education (Emre Göktepe) We will focus on this for our next SIG meeting and have a significant list of articles for you.

g. Update and maintain a database of educators using ST/SD in precollege, globally (Sebnem and Özgün)

i. PLEASE let us know of names who should be added to the list. Please make sure the person you suggest is OK with us knowing his/her name. That person can use the link below to submit his/her name and information for our database, or you can give us his/her contact information and we will contact them for permission.

ii. Google form was created – Link is

iii. We will request information from SDS Chapters regarding any ST/SD work being done in precollege

h. Find contacts in International Baccalaureate (IB) schools (Özgün) Information about potential of influence of ST/SD in IB schools will be discussed in our

December/January meeting.


How to Join


  1. Sign in with your Username and password
  2. Scroll down to Membership information
  3. On SIG Affiliation, select Pre-College Education SIG
  4. Click Submit

You will be added to the Pre-college Education SIG mailing list and eligible to join our regular meetings.


Currently we have 65 members of the SDS Pre-college SIG.

Application Form for Educators Using Systems Thinking/System Dynamics Tools in Precollege Education



The email discussion group provides a forum where all people interested in using system dynamics and systems thinking in k-12 education can discuss problems or share what is going on.

Some topics might include:

  • reports of experiences – successes, interesting vignettes, problems, failures
  • how best to introduce systems and modeling to students
  • how to encourage colleagues to use systems education
  • what organizational structures contribute to learner-centered learning
  • what classroom techniques work best
  • when does the learning curve steepen for students and teachers
  • what materials are most effective
  • what research would help systems education and learner-centered learning
  • what assessment techniques are available and seem effective announcements of upcoming workshops and conferences

To Post A Message:

Send an email to to originate a discussion. Or reply to an existing thread in your email.


To Subscribe/unsubscribe:

Full Name:
  Daily digest summary format


Creative Learning Exchange

Getting Started with Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in K-12 education. So many resources are available  at the Creative Learning Exchange including books of lessons, simulations, Splash! app, alignment of STEM and Systems Thinking/System Dynamics, useful videos explaining Behavior Over Time Graphs (BOTG), etc.

CC Modeling Systems

Three Online System Dynamics courses (with CE credit) that are sequential and asynchronous, each summer. Learn to build SD models.  Lots of lessons and models to use in your classes. The CC Modeling Systems website also contains examples of high school students original model diagrams, technical papers, and videos, some research papers, some free lessons, alignment of SD with US national educational standards, and a video highlighting the reason to use SD analysis in the teaching of secondary school mathematics.

Waters Center for Systems Thinking

Systems thinking materials, workshops, resources for teachers are available at the Waters Center for Systems Thinking.

Systems Thought in Education

Examples of ST/SD work being done in early elementary school education can be found on the Systems Thinking Association in Turkey website. Note: this website is in Turkish but text can be translated to English in a browser.

isee Exchange

There are dozens of SD simulations for Biology by Jon Darkow on isee Exchange  which is part of the isee systems website,

Stella online computer simulation

Stella Online is a free, web-based version of SD modeling software that allows models with a maximum of 12 icons (max of 2 stocks) to be built and executed.

Leadership Team

Diana Fisher, VP Pre-college Education (

Gökşen Kızılkaya, English Teacher, Systems Thinking Association in Turkey (

Lees Stuntz, Executive Director, The Creative Learning Exchange (

Meltem C. Alibeyoğlu, Darussafaka Schools Research and Development Coordinator (

Nilay Yılmaz, Story Book Author, Sytems Thinking Association in Turkey (

Özgün Kurt Çetinkaya, Primary School Teacher, Systems Thinking Association in Turkey (

Şebnem F. Gezer, Education for Sustainability Researcher (