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Become a Sponsor


The System Dynamics Society connects 1,400+ students, professionals, academics, and industry leaders who share research, ideas, and best practices in systems thinking and System Dynamics.  Sponsorship allows us to better serve our membership and expand systems thinking globally while increasing your long-term exposure to those in the field. 


For those who prefer to specify a project for their donation, we offer a opportunities to advance our Career Link, Mentorship Program, Seminar Series, Covid-19 Resource Page, Bibliography, Learning Resources, and Marketing the Field. Each project has been progressing, but will benefit from further funding to increase our capacity to deliver.


The Society invites you to become a University Partner. University Partners get special logo placement on our degree course listing and receive $5 discounts on membership for all current full-time students and recent graduates (those completing their degree in the last two years). Discount codes will be sent you shortly after payment.


Donating for the Society gives you the unique opportunity of contributing to the growth of our field!

Last year, thanks to the generous support of sponsors and individual donors, we were able to fund a record-breaking 40 scholars who otherwise might not have been able to attend the 2020 conference

from $10

2021  Society Sponsors

Logo Credit Human
Center for Community Health Integration - Case Western Reserve University Logo
Jane Boorstein
Logo TUDelft
iseesystems logo
Construction Dynamics Solutions LLC Logo
Safety Harbor Arts & Music Center (SHAMC) and John Richardson
Copernicos Groep
Radboud University 2021
Ventana Systems, Inc Logo
Logo Argonne National Laboratory
DynamicVu - Serious Data Management Informed Simulation Models
Sage Analysis Group
CHICO State University
Logo HomeLight
Homer Consulting
Sage Analysis Group


Simply put, without our generous sponsors, our annual conference would not be affordable to the vast majority of the System Dynamics community. Your contribution allows us to reduce the cost while providing you an unparalleled opportunity to get your brand in front of those in the field interested in what you have to offer.

$1,500 - $6,000

As a thread sponsor, your organization can reach a targeted segment of our annual conference attendees by sponsoring one of our sixteen conference threads.  In addition to powerful pre-event promotions and on-site exposure, this sponsorship provides opportunities for post-conference visibility for your organization.


Due to the generous support of sponsors, we were able to fund a record breaking 40 scholars who otherwise might not have been able to attend the 2020 conference. Join us in developing the future leaders of our field by making a contribution to sponsor 2021 conference attendance by scholars. Every contribution goes directly to a scholar.


Meet our 2021 Conference Sponsors


Argonne National Laboratory

forio business simulations logo
University of Bergen Norway Logo
Homer Consulting
Copernicos Groep
iseesystems logo
Desta Research Logo
Sage Analysis Group
DynamicVu - Serious Data Management Informed Simulation Models
Ventana Systems, Inc Logo


The Society accepts bequests, please contact Rebecca Niles (Executive Director) to discuss your plans to ensure that they can be accommodated.  Below is some sample language that can be inserted into your will: 

[If (primary beneficiary) does not survive me, then] I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to System Dynamics Society, Inc., a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation with its principal offices at 17 Loker Street, Wayland, MA 01778, Federal Tax ID Number:22-2738769, [the sum of $____] or [____ percent (___%) of my total estate determined as of the date of my death] or [Description of Personal Property] or [all of the right, title and interest in and to the real estate located at (Address or Description of Property)], to be used for [System Dynamics Society, Inc’s general use and purpose] or [the purposes designated in writing and delivered to System Dynamics Society, Inc. If, in System Dynamics Society, Inc.’s opinion, the need for funds for the designated purpose no longer exists or it shall become impossible for System Dynamics Society, Inc. to use this bequest to accomplish the specific purposes of this bequest, System Dynamics Society, Inc. is authorized to use these funds and income of this gift for a similar use and purpose as System Dynamics Society, Inc. determines is most related to the restricted purpose of my bequest].

Disclaimer: System Dynamics Society, Inc. is not a law firm and the information on this website is not intended as legal or tax advice to donors. For all legal or tax advice, please consult an attorney or tax advisor. 

If you have further questions or require support with sponsorship or donations,
please do not hesitate to reach out to Rebecca Niles.